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Lenti.RiGHT® - Your Shortcut to
Successful Lentivirus Manufacturing

Whether you need a lentivirus packaging or production cell line or a
lentivirus as a drug product - we can help!

This Factsheet explains:

  • The advantages of using a
    packaging cell line

  • Features and benefits
    of Lenti.RiGHT®

  • ProBioGen's options for viral
    vector development and manufacturing

Download the Factsheet and Learn about the Ways and Possibilities to Produce Your Lentiviral Vector

Choose Your Path to Lentiviral Vectors

We offer various packages. Depending on your capabilties, you can choose from the options below .
We can produce the virus as starting material for cell therapy and/or a lentivirus as drug product

Packaging Cell Line

License this lentivirus packaging cell line and use it for your inhouse development.

Lentivirus Producer Cell Line

Take advatage of our development expertise and have us design and develop your desired lentivirus vector as a service by using Lenti.RiGHT® as packaging and/or
producer cell line.

Lentiviral Vector Manufacturing

Get your lentiviral vector as drug product.
As one stop-shop we cover all steps from Process Development and GMP Manufacturing to Analytics, Bioassays,
QC and Fill&Finish.